Blast Freezer




Blast freezing is a technique used to freeze food quickly to a low temperature which is quite safe to prevent food from bacterial growth. Bacteria multiply faster in normal room temperature and thus required to prevent for long use. 

This technique is normally used in the food catering industry to ensure the safety and quality of the food. Phoenix Refrigeration is a well-known blast freezer manufacturer and blast freezer supplier in Pune.

From outer cooling to deep ground freezing we offer every service you require. Our high range of products is capable of fulfilling your every requirement. Our team of experts has immense experience in manufacturing ultra-low cold rooms. 

Our every ultra-low temperature cold rooms provide temperature stability of +1°C to -1°C gradient. Multiple fans are installed in our ultra-low cold rooms to achieve temperature stability. 

Phoenix Refrigeration has one of the largest production capacities of the Ultra-low freezer in India. We are capable of manufacturing ultra-low cold rooms of various sizes.  Also, multiple configurations ranging from advance microprocessor and control panel are available.

Whether you require a cold room chilled to – 40°C or chilled to -60°C we are here to help you. We understand many difficulties of low temp chilling. some include the effect of liquid thickness, pump choice, oil stream parameters. 

Therefore we take the time to grasp your procedure and working condition. And on these findings, we customise the ultra-low cold room for you for better efficiency.

Blast freezing MANUFACTURER

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These offered walk-in freezers offered by us are perfect ultra-low cold room solution. These walk-in freezers are available with the utmost storage capacity. These ultra-low freezers offer you flexibility, efficiency and security to protect the sample. 

Our ultra-low cold rooms installed with super-insulated walls helps in minimal temperature disturbance. Multiple options are available in our product range to cater to your requirements. our team of experts work with you to tailor an ultra-low cold room to meet your requirements.

Why are low-temperature chillers required?

Many products nowadays require the ultra-low temperature to store or process them. Standard cold storages, in general, are unable to accomplish the desired low temperature. Therefore for such requirements ultra-low cold storage is required. Thus keeping in mind the requirement of cooling below -5°C, it is best to use a customised ultra-low cold room.


APPLICATION Blast Freezer MAnufacturer


Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest consumers of cold storage rooms. Some of the expensive and life-saving injections and medicines are stored at sub-zero temperatures for retaining their effectiveness. The manufacturing process for certain drugs and pharmaceuticals usually requires extremely low temperatures.

Therefore such manufacturer procures cold storage facilities. The research and development facilities need temperature control for their scientific experiments and processes. And therefore they require freezing rooms to execute the experiments.


The healthcare segment also requires temperature-controlled environments. They need it for preserving bodies in morgues, blood banks and donor banks in hospitals. For instance, the donor bank in hospitals requires extremely low temperatures to preserve the collected blood. It also helps in preserving organs and dead bodies. Similarly, the temperature in the laboratory needs to be at a low degree to keep the samples sterilized and germ-free.


Blast Freezer ADVANTAGES

Saving Money on Cooling Costs:

The temperature control facility comes at a great cost. But you can lower your expense by installing ultra-low cold storage rooms by phoenix refrigeration. Our cold storage panel allows you to control the temperature with much less use of energy. Because of its thermal properties and high efficiency, it is known to reduce the operating cost by 50%.

Temperature Control:

Ultra-low cold rooms allow you to control and adjust the temperature according to the need. It is fitted with effective refrigerant systems to deliver and satisfy your refrigeration needs. It is often equipped with a temperature controller and monitoring to maintain the temperature within.

Multiple Functionality:

Because of its adjustable temperature functionality, ultra-low cold storage rooms are used for multiple functions. You can use the same unit of cold room for dehumidifying and refrigerating. A cold room can maintain the temperature because it is tightly sealed.