Cold Chain Refrigeration

We are team of experts and provide “End to End Cold Chain Solution”, undertake Cold Storage Facility Projects such as Cold Chain Refrigeration Systems, Consulting and quality monitoring solution for various cold storage requirements.

Advancement of technology with time has made it possible to control the temperature at will. This has allowed us to prolong the life of perishable goods and minimise the wastage.

 Material Supply, Installation & Commissioning including


  • Prefab Panels , Automated /Manual sliding/swing Door, CA Doors, High CFM & Humidity Slim/Cubic type indoor units, Industrial Evaporators/Systems, racking, sorting grading & washing line
  • Compressor Racks , Microprocessors Controllers, Condensing Units Internal Lacking/Mezzanine , Bins for Storage, Docking levellers, shelters and overhead sectional doors
  • Air Cooled/Water Cooled Condensers, Pre-engineering Building Structure, etc.