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We PHOENIX REFRIGERATION PVT. LTD. are into designing and manufacturing of cold storage plants. Apart from this we also deal into supplying and installing of cold storage plants. We manufacture cold room storage with prefabricated PUF Panels and Refrigeration Unit. The refrigeration unit refrigerates up to -25 Deg C room temperature requirement. We are well-known as one of the best cold room manufacturers in the industry.

Sustainable food production is presently threatened by the rapidly changing global climate. Therefore conservation of resources is quite relevant today. For this everyone is looking for sustainable and eco-friendly preservation techniques. Thus our freezing room technique prevents the wastage of resources.  Also offers to maximise utilization by offering cold enclosure.

Our cold room chambers freeze the vegetables, meat, fruits and beverages. Cold room storages are not only limited to store only foods but also to store pharmaceutical materials. Along with it also stores chemicals and other perishable goods.

Phoenix Refrigeration is one of the leading cold room manufacturers in India. We offer refrigeration units as per the Indian environmental requirements. Our Industrial cold room storage is designed to meet and overcome the challenges posed by changing environment. Our range of products is customisable according to the requirements of our client. These products can cater to small and large requirements of the industry. Various industries like food, poultry, dairy require cold room storage.

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We have already installed our freezing rooms in food processing and pharmaceuticals industries. We are in present assisting in the storage of fruits, vegetables, cooked and semi-cooked meat, seafood, farming produced etc.

Our cold room panels are made to measure and then assembled on-site. As we are pioneer in making easy to handle and quick to install cold storage rooms our construction time is minimum. Complying with national and international standards we ensure you will have a robust cold storage facility.




Cold storage room is quiet essential in business segments which requires precise temperature environment at a certain stage. It may be required for storing the goods or for their manufacturing. Cold storage room by Phoenix Refrigeration serves as the right solution for this requirement.

Advancement of technology with time has made it possible to control the temperature at will. This has allowed us to prolong the life of perishable goods and minimise the wastage.

Food processing or food manufacturing:


Food processing and manufacturing industry need to be constantly aware of any health hazards and contaminants throughout the manufacturing process. Some food products get contaminated very easily. Therefore it requires a special facility to manufacture and store

Advancement of technology with time has made it possible to control the temperature at will. This has allowed us to prolong the life of perishable goods and minimise the wastage.

Restaurant and Hospitality:

The restaurant and hospitality industry requires cold storage room facility. They require it to prevent their goods and supplies from perishing. Many restaurants now a day have a separate cold storage facility. Wherein they refrigerate their supplies as well as prepared dishes. These rooms preserve the quality and taste of supplies. They preserve food products such as frozen meats, vegetables, fruits, beverages. We are a specialist and are renowned as the best cold storage manufacturer in the industry.


Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest consumers of cold storage rooms. Some of the expensive and life-saving injections and medicines are stored at sub-zero temperatures. This helps in retaining its effectiveness. The manufacturing process for certain drugs and pharmaceuticals usually requires extremely low temperatures. And thus they require cold storage facility. The research and development facilities need temperature control enclosure. This helps them with their scientific experiments and processes. And therefore they require freezing rooms to execute the experiments.


The healthcare segment also requires temperature-controlled environments. They need it for morgues, blood banks and donor banks in hospital. For instance, the donor bank in hospitals requires  low temperatures to preserve the collected blood. It also helps in preserving organs and dead bodies. Also, the temperature in the laboratory needs to be at a low degree. It helps to keep the samples sterilized and germ-free.

Raw fruit & Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature and have a shorter shelf life. Bacteria cause degradation of food. Likewise, certain enzymatic process causes the ripening of food. Thus cold storage system for fruits and vegetable are required to store them for a longer duration.


Refrigeration of seafood is a century-old practice. Earlier raw seafood was stored using traditional icing method. But with the advancement in technology modern mechanism is put in a process to store raw seafood. Cold storage refrigeration system increases the shelf life of raw seafood and keeps it fresh in the long term.

Meat and Poultry:

Right after slaughter, these products also require refrigeration to prevent it from degradation. It is stored up-to -25°C temperature in the freezer for the long term.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products such as milk, butter, curd, cheese, ice cream are used in day to day life. These dairy products get contaminated easily. Moreover, they are also susceptible to bacteria which can degrade the quality. Thus cold storage system for dairy products helps to increase to the shelf life of these products.



Saving Money on Cooling Costs:

Temperature control facility comes at a great cost. But you can lower your expense by installing cold storage rooms by phoenix refrigeration. Our cold storage panel allows you to control the temperature with much less use of energy. Because of its thermal properties and high efficiency, it reduces the operating cost by 50%.

Advancement of technology with time has made it possible to control the temperature at will. This has allowed us to prolong the life of perishable goods and minimise the wastage.

Temperature Control:

Cold storage rooms allow you to control and adjust the temperature according to the need. It is fitted with effective refrigerant systems to deliver and satisfy your refrigeration needs. It is often equipped with a temperature controller and monitoring. It helps to maintain the temperature within.

Multiple Functionality:

Because of its adjustable temperature functionality, cold storage rooms are used for multiple functions. You can use the same unit of cold storage room for dehumidifying and refrigerating. A cold room can maintain the temperature because they are tightly sealed.


Cold Room


Frequency :50Hz
Temp :+2° to 4 °C
Product :Fruits, Vegetables & Dairy Product
Surface Finish :Colour Coated GI
Application:Small Quantity Storage Various Applications
cold storage plant manufacturer in pune

Cold Storage Plant

Storage Capacity : 1000MT to 5000MT
Temp : +2° to 4 °C
Product : Grains. Multi Commodity
Surface Finish : Colour Coated GI
Application: Food Industries